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At CAPITAL CHILD CARE CENTRE INC. o/a Riverbend Child's Pavilion and Mother's Pride Montessori Play School we believe in the delivery of a high-quality childcare program in support of families within a multicultural community interested in the well being of children. The program is geared towards providing the maximum opportunity for the child to develop in all areas of growth; physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually. The center provides a safe nurturing environment for each child and acts as a supplement by providing loving care and protection similar to what their parents provide. All interactions between staff and children and their families are guided by mutual respect for individuals and their special qualities.

Our DAYCARE & AFTER SCHOOL CARE programs are intended to give the children awareness of their feelings and a means for expressing those feelings by the use of free choice and educational programming. Thus, providing an environment where the child learns to share and reflect on the needs and concerns of others. The program provides individual attention to each child's strengths and needs and provides an opportunity to participate in the decision making process: to change the physical environment, decide where to go on fieldtrips, decide how food will be served or to plan his or her own part in the center. Children are also encouraged to have a sense of autonomy and responsibility using a child-directed focus. Further, it also encourages parental participation or involvement in all aspects of the program. The staff set the stage carefully in this program, and then act as a resource to the children rather than initiator of the program. It is our belief that children need love and nurturing, in order for them to grow and become successful individuals in life.

"The Mission of MOTHER'S PRIDE MONTESSORI is to help young minds grow and learn in a harmonious environment resulting in the all-round development of the child." Research shows that half of a child's adult intelligence is formed during the first four years of his/her life. Thus, the environment during this most formative and impressionable period must provide the experience for physical, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, spiritual and social development of the child. The education system must enable the child to cope with the ever growing challenges of life. We here at Mother's Pride Montessori, aim to provide these experiences through creative and modern education in an attractive and caring environment.

Why Preschool

It is established that early childhood years lay the foundation to a person's development. Seventy percent of a child's brain is developed in the pre-natal stage. The early childhood years (0 to 6 years) are life defining, and it is here that we discover our strengths and abilities. Research has proven that at this age brain activity is at its peak and the stimuli a child experiences here leave impressions for a lifetime. Hence, everything a child learns after 5 years of age is a reinforcement of what she/he has already learnt at pre-school.

Our Philosophy

Capital child Care Centre Inc. o/a Riverbend Child's Pavilion Daycare, After School Care and Mother's Pride Montessori Play School believe that as a team, parents/guardians and daycare staff can help promote the child's development. It is strongly believed that it takes a whole community to raise a child. We believe children develop self worth and become active learners through play in specially designed environment offering opportunity for problem solving, challenges and successes.

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